Tälle sivulle kokoan joitakin omia äänikokeilujani. Minua kiinnostaa erityisesti kokeellinen ääni, elektroninen musiikki ja ympäristöäänet. Viime aikoina olen erityisesti innostunut modulaarisesta syntetisaattorista kokeilujeni keskiössä.
Julkaisen kokeilujani myös Instagramissa hashtagilla #tylsimysli. Joitakin äänityksiäni löytyy myös Soundcloudista.



Jam 1

Two Krell patches singing together. Delay and reverb added. Magical and a bit spooky. 01.01.2019

Jam 2

@truecuckoo says: ”What is Jamuary? The goal is to post one jam every day of January. If you don’t have the time, a few times is better than nothing. Browse the hashtag, get inspired. Jam more. 1-minute ”Insta-jams” is a great practise to help get going. No need to complete a whole song. Get over that barrier holding you back. ❤️ 02.01.2019


Experiment where I wanted to Ears detect gates from audio material. I made a loop in iOS TenoriOn which is fed to Ears. Ears Gate out is strumming Rings. Rings Out goes to Magneto. Echophon acts as a send effect for Magneto. In the end Wogglebug Stepped CV goest to Rings V/OCT and Smooth CV to Frequency. Mixed in Rosie. A bit messy 🤨. 04.01.2019


Playing with the incredible and brand new Olegtron 4060E compact oscillator/divider box. Programming is done by sticking electronic components to it’s patchboard! Some delay and frequency shifting by Field Kit FX. FM radio stations are tuned by 4060E and Field Kit envelope follower envelope fed to CV Radio search. 04.01.2019


IT’S TIME!!! Today I played Butt Ugly Dirt Style Breaks record with two 0-Coast synths. Audio from Vestax mixer was fed to Mutable Ears for amplifying to modular levels and then to Field Kit envelope follower and envelope was used for synths. Mixer volume fader and 0-Coast’s pitch were mainly used for the sound sculpting. Mixers volume and Hi/Lo settings affected also to the sound ranging from bass, lazer zaps, bird chirping to plain screaming. This was fun! 🤖 05.01.2019


DUB TIME! TB-03 + Wogglebug + Magneto + 5-0 Police Radio (Chicago Police). 06.01.2019


Jamuary 7, day 10. More experiments: Telephone pick-up coil listens to changes in electromagnetism. Works like a stethoscope for electronic devices: Macbook Pro, wristwatch, webcamera. First video with dry sound, second one with looooong reverb from plugin Diffuse (Surreal Machines). Some high sound levels in these. Telephone pick-up coil from Koma Elektronik Field Kit Expansion Pack. 10.1.2019


Jamuary jam 8, day 12. First I tried to get a funky groove going on with Olegtron 4060E then some noisy knob twiddling. In the patch there’s a RGB LED, 1-2 capacitors (for slowing down the device) and a circuit bent brain from a sound toy (bent by Olegtron himself years ago). Echophon is used for some echo and Olegtron’s divider section is controlling Echophon’s Freeze. 12.01.2019


Jamuary jam 9, day 13. Halojata halloo! Drums + Bass + Youtube: ”Voittopotin juontajalla huono päivä!” 13.01.2019

JAM 10


JAM 11

Jam 11, day 21 (2 x 1 min). Organelle with FunFX patch.

JAM 12

Jam 12 (2 x 1 min). Organelle FunFX patch recording (previous post) played from iPhone and mangled with Organelle Partial Party Patch (incoming sound to a synth voice).

JAM 13

Jam 13 (2 x 1 min). On monday we had a good jam with @pekkopesonen. Only a couple of minutes were recorded. Video and sound are not in sync because they are from different parts of the session. On this we accidentally filmed some ceiling with the mobile phone rear camera. Supersusiverikuu was the working title of this.

JAm 14

Weird Magneto tape echo workout ”Kuminauha” (2 x 1 min). iPhone app Ruismaker beat to Mutable Music Things Ears (gate & CV ->) to 0-Coast to Magneto.

Chernobyl Jam

A short snippet from a jam loosely inspired from the great Chernobyl (miniseries). 11th of June, 2019.